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Studio Emad Eddin
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To strengthen the field of Performing Arts and encourage cooperation and mutual trust
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  • Sudan: Invitation to Participate in the Preparation of the Conference on Cultural Policies in the Interim Period Postponed In April 2019, the Work Cultural Group published an invitation to cultural... Read>>
  • Egypt: Conditional Release of Rami Sidky Following “Balaha” Controversy Egypt’s Supreme State Security Court announced on 13 May 2019 that... Read>>
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Cultural activiste, independent musician,
Samy is studying communication and interactive media, and is interested incultural

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About This Website

"Cultural Policy in The Arab Region" is an open platform for individuals and organisations working directly or indirectly to bring about positive change in cultural policy in their own countries and in the region in general. Artists, cultural managers, researchers, academics, cultural activists, and young students, as well as organisations, groups, syndicates, and unions are invited to upload their profiles onto this website to connect effectively with others working in the same field.
Since 2009, development of cultural policy has gradually become one of the main focuses of the region, primarily through Al Mawred Al Thaqafy's programme "Cultural Policy in the Arab Region". The programme started by mapping cultural policies in eight Arab countries, and developed them through a series of conferences, debates, research articles, advocacy campaigns, and national task forces on cultural policy, along with many other mechanisms and strategies that enable positive change on both governmental and independent levels.
Since 2011 and the wave of the revolution which swept the region, it has become clear that knowledge and experience are crucial elements to "cultural reform". This website and database aim to bring people together from all over the region in order for them to connect, exchange ideas, organise, and advocate change.

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